Connect with customers via your WiFi

Personalize your WiFi, get to know customers better
and offer targeted marketing promotions.

What is Amplespot?

Amplespot is a full stack cloud-based WiFi management and marketing platform. Control your entire WiFi infrastructure from single online dashboard, get marketing insights and engage via WiFi like never before.

Users can login to WiFi with their social account, email or phone number. You can see who they are and instantly send greetings, coupons, and emails based on their profiles and visits. We know relationships start on premise, let us help you build them 

Key Features

Know Your Customers

Use your Guest WiFi to build profiles on people who visit your business.

Increase Brand Recognition

Profile-driven branded WiFi experience to create a lasting impression.

Engage via Ads and Coupons

Target right customers at the right time. Push on-the-spot ads and offers.

Grow Online Presence

Encourage customers to promote your business online and in social media.

Turn your WiFi into your most powerful marketing asset

Facilities such as hotels, retail stores, restaurants and business centers can hugely benefit from use of Guest WiFi and Analytics. By learning and using insights such as who the customer are, how long they stay and how they generally move around an area, these facilities can open new revenue streams, enhance operational efficiency and improve user experience.

Amplespot can provide valuable data on every single customer who is connected to your WiFi. We offer a simple solution for your customers to access Guest WiFi, giving you a great way of collecting data and setting your business up to target your customers with powerful marketing tools.

The gathered data is converted into easy to use reports and can be synchronized with a variety of CRM tools. Demographic information provided includes age, gender, location, interests and social media details. Behavioral data includes customers log on location and time, how long they stayed and what device they used.

Learn how you can use Amplespot in your business 

How it works

Amplespot can manage your entire WiFi infrastructure with no other software or controllers required.

Cloud Managed WiFi

Get enterprise grade WiFi without investing time and effort. Use our cloud controller and dashboard to setup and manage your WiFi. All you need to do is plug your devices to power and ensure they can reach Amplespot control servers online.

Lower Adoption Cost

Our firmware transforms regular WiFi access points into intelligent devices controlled from the cloud. Amplespot works seamlessly on various WiFi hardware bringing advanced features to otherwise basic devices.

Safety and Compliance

As a WiFi provider, you are responsible for what people do on your network. We help you identify each and every user and offer tools such as SMS identity verification, physical security alerts and data retention.

How to start

Amplespot is a full stack cloud based WiFi management platform. It's comprised of online Management Portal and firmware for WiFi Access Points.

Our firmware transforms regular Access Points into intelligent devices controlled from the cloud. Amplespot works seamlessly on various WiFi hardware bringing advanced features to otherwise basic devices. Devices from different vendors can be mixed in the centrally managed, distributed WiFi network.

All you need to start using Amplespot is a free online account and one or more of compatible Access Points. Our firmware can run on variety of devices from Ubiquiti, TP-Link, Cisco Meraki, Asus and GLI. List of compatible hardware can be found here .

To install the firmware, open a free account with us and go to firmware downloads section on the left side of the page. Documentation on how to install Amplespot firmware on your device is available at this link .

If you don’t have a compatible Access Point or not technical enough to install our firmware get in touch with our team. We will either help directly or, if we are not present in your region yet, put you in touch with one of our Certified Partners who will help to get and set up equipment as well as provide assistance along the way.

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